Why Organic?

Organic certifies there are no Genetically Engineered Foods or GMO

“Organic” labelled food certified by the USDA, cannot use: herbicides, pesticides, genetic engineering, synthetic fertilizers, irradiation, sewage sludge, hormones, or antibiotics.

My father used to say, “You’re wasting your money when you buy organic.” and I used to agree with him. However with the advent of Genetically Engineered foods, or GMOs in the mid 1990s, buying organic is now more important than one can imagine. Buying “Organic” is the only way to insure one isn’t eating GMO food products.

GMO foods are not what you and your parents ate 20 years ago. GMO foods are made in a lab with technology that was developed in the 70s. It is misleading, because you can look out over a green field of Arizona corn watch it get taller by the day and think it is beautiful and home grown!, but GMO crops with their green stocks are truly toxic. GMO crops look like corn and soy and canola, but GMO test studies are coming out which reveal how GMOs effect the mammals who consume them”

The 12 minute video below reviews the findings of a recent french study on GMO corn, NK603 and Roundup. The surprise finding show it isn’t just the pesticide that is toxic. It is the plant itself. However the whole video is a must see for anyone eating food in the US. Why?….because you are already eating GMO foods.