To receive an order form, please submit your name and email address below to the group coordinator.  Order forms are sent via email every two months. Contact us for order schedule.

Payment Options

When the order form arrives in your inbox, simply fill it out and calculate your total amount owed before submitting.  Payment for your order is due in advance.  Paying immediately after your order is submitted is preferred.  Deadline for payment is the 25th of the month.  REMEMBER the groups’ feed will NOT be shipped until the everyone’s payments have been received.  If your payment is not received by deadline and we have not been contacted, your order may be cancelled.

1. Paypal and
2. Personal check via USPS,

Details for each form of payment are on the order form.

How Much Feed Should I Order?

Where Do I Pick Up?

PICKUP within 48 hours of arrival! Firesky Farms is hosting the feed pick-up.  They have the necessary space and storage we need to make these deliveries happen to keep the cost of the feed low.  Please pick-up all feed and grains within 48 hours of arrival, during the specified pick-up windows at the address below.

130 N Fire Sky Ln, Chino Valley, AZ 86323

*Due to feed arrival involving a Mashing grain, bagging feed, loading the truck and a 1000 mile drive, we only forecast arrival. However, we send 2 emails to help us all plan.  First email should go out when the truck is on the road (approx. 48 hours prior to arrival or as stated). Then we send an email out when the truck arrives asking people to come pick up their organic feed order.

Please remember that Firesky Farms runs a business. Loading your feed is NOT their business, so bring a strong back to load your 50lb bags of feed and be pleasant and show Firesky Farms your gratitude with a smile.