Can I Buy Out Of State?

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Although we could ship 1 or 2 bags out, we do not because the price of shipping often cost more than the feed itself.  So solution is to ship an entire pallet at full capacity, which carries 2500lbs of feed.   When we ship this much organic feed, suddenly you might find you are saving money compared with your local organic sources.   If you aren’t too far from the West coast, sometimes, we can keep your prices at what our Arizona customers are paying.

However, if you own only 5 chickens, then probably shouldn’t order 2500lbs of feed for yourself.  just to save a little money.  However with a few neighbors and friends or just one local feed store, you’d be surprised at how quickly you can get to 2500 lbs with no one having to stock pile any organic feed.   This is exactly how the Arizona group formed, from about 20 online acquaintances pooling our feed volume together.

We have shipped to the east coast but shipping tends to be more expensive, but still within the realm of saving you money.   If believe you can conjure up an order for 2500lbs, then give us a call and we will get an exact quote which will include shipping to your zip code.  If you team up with neighbors, I can also show you an easy way to keep track of everyone’s different organic orders.

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